Meditation for the Win

Lately I’ve been doing half an hour a day meditation sessions as a form of sleep uk therapy. I’ve also been sleeping like a baby for 8 straight hours, so I know that the meditation is working.

While I’m meditating, I try to clear my mind of all thoughts completely. This is easy to do if you’re meditating in a very silent and dark or dimly lit room. The fewer the distractions the better. After about 10 minutes of getting my mind to slowly quiet itself, I begin to feel a state of complete and total relaxation wash over me. Sometimes I come out of these half hour meditation sessions feeling more rejuvenated than I have in years.

Regarding my sleep improvements, I believe it’s due to my mind getting completely rested and relaxed from the meditation. It almost feels like I’m reteaching my brain how to calm itself, which in turn is making my sleep quality improve.

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